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Levy Daniel

daniel levyThe pianist Daniel Levy has performed this type of recital throughout Europe and America for over twenty years.

A Concert-Dialogue is a musical experience based upon the intimacy between the interpreter and the audience, through a communicative bridge that joins the creative world and the intuitions of the composer. An interior itinerary that unifies the chosen works with subtle threads. In this way, the interpretations are alternated with incisive comments about the meaning of the works; anecdotes and experiences related to the inspiration sources of the great composers.

As a result of his deep interest in establishing an intense contact with the audience, Daniel Levy presents a complete experience where one can both listen to a great interpreter and - as a result of his vast knowledge of the most important and significant aspects of the composers that he selects – fully penetrate the musical message.

A Concert-Dialogue is the most suitable way to introduce lesser-known works of composers who are highly esteemed by classical music lovers. Most of these works are interpreted infrequently within piano recitals, while some of them are unperformed jewels.

Surpassing the rigid formalities of the traditional concert, this new way of approaching classical music is extremely vital and stimulating for all those who are attempting to reach the heart of the composers. It is also an innovative and non-musicological way of introducing a young audience to Classical Music.

In this way, the bridge between the Musician and the listener is integral, complete and gratifying for both.

"A rich and rare experience"
"The style of a concert-dialogue is, for our current time, an appropriate way of bringing the works of the past closer to the audience"
"It would be appropriate to define this experience as a literary musical essay, carried out live by a musician who has brought Schumann closer to us through his own experiences, with a sincere knowledge and without any glimpse of musicological erudition"
La Nación, Argentina

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